Great Health List At Macromark!

Zine 22
Great Health List, Catalog Buyers!


2nd Quarter 2005

3,975 1st Quarter 2005 $100/M
2,931 3rd Quarter 2004 $100/M
231,060 2nd Quarter 2004 $100/M

These 100% direct mail sold book buyers are about self improvement and bettering their lives. They seek out health books from Zine 22's Catalog because of its broad selection of quality book titles in natural health and alternative remedies.

The average unit of sale per purchase is $40.
80% have purchased health related books.
 They have purchased from a catalog offering books on health,
home business opportunities, and patriotism. 

This file is on target for all book, catalog, magazine, self-improvement, home business opportunity, health, lottery, astrology, consumer general merchandise and more

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